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Meet your new Student Government 2019/2020

Having been elected by the student body, a new Student Government team is now in place at Richmond for next academic year.

Allison Cole-Stutz, Vice President for Student Affairs at Richmond, said, “We’re delighted to welcome a fantastic team as the new Student Government and would like to thank each of them for taking on these important positions at Richmond.  The role they play is absolutely vital to the University, representing the whole student body and ensuring that any needs or concerns of students are voiced and shared, to improve university life for all.”

Nicholas Guillermo Ceja – President

The new President of Richmond’s Student Government is Nicholas Guillermo Ceja, from the US, who is doing a BA (Hons) in International Relations with a Minor in Development Studies, and said,

“I am honoured and proud to be elected as the new student body President of Richmond for this academic year. The purpose of the Student Government is to represent the interests of each student in all matters relating to their success at Richmond. As members of this University, we arrive during a period of rejuvenation as it searches for diverse ways to enrich student life in Richmond. It is a unique time of change and exploration, giving us all an opportunity to make a necessary impact.

“With a diverse Student Government team full of dedicated and outstanding students, we are committed to protecting and representing each and every need in the most effective way possible, by striving to improve the students’ experiences here at Richmond and beyond.  We look forward to seeing everyone new and old this fall. In the meantime, I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful break!”

Nicholas will be joined by a team of students in various roles, as follows:

Carl David Wallin Hedén, from Sweden – Executive Vice President; BA (Hons) in Business Management (International Business) with a Minor in Accounting and Finance


Tegan Wood, from the UK – Vice President, Richmond; BA (Hons) in Psychology


Leah Wood, from the USA – Vice President, Kensington; BA (Hons) in Communications: Marketing & Public Relations

Devon Roberts, from the USA – Events Coordinator, Richmond ; BA (Hons) in Communications: Media Studies

Maddi Jones, from the UK – Events Coordinator, Kensington ; BA (Hons) in International Relations with a Minor in Environmental Studies and Political Science

Samantha Ferreira, from the USA – Treasurer; BA (Hons) in Economics

Chiara Di Venosa, from Italy –  Secretary; BA (Hons) in Political Science