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Meet Richmond The American International University in London at

October 22 2019
8.30am – 11.30am & 5pm – 8pm

Find us at stand no #137

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A unique American education in London

  • Study one program to get both a UK & US degree
  • Scholarships up to $23k
  • More teaching hours than equivalent UK university programs
  • Small class sizes providing a more personal approach
  • Extensive internship and study abroad opportunities
  • From 2020/21 Overseas students can stay in the UK for 2 years

Richmond Hill Campus

“The diversity within Richmond helps to create and very unique peer environment. The close-knit students here push each other at all times to be more kind, courageous, caring, accepting, and curious, all while striving for academic excellence. It’s the perfect school for a student who wants to learn and live globally and have a lot of fun along the way.”

Sky Harsch - USABA International Relations

Find out more about RIASA on our stand no #137

October 22 2019
8.30am – 11.30am & 5pm – 8pm

For a US education in the UK, join us on our stand at NACAC on Oct 22. Inquire about our soccer programs and RIASA ID Camp.

RIASA ID camp in Las Vegas – January 4 2020

Our BA International Sports Management with Footbal (Soccer, sorry!) is taught at Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA) in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Find out more by coming to see us in Honolulu at stand no #137

“To be quite honest, it was everything. RIASA gave me the opportunity to, first and foremost, be over here [the UK] studying whilst trying to fulfil a professional career. Football is not guaranteed, you could be here today and gone tomorrow. So, the importance of education is everything.”

Nahki Wells