Love Halloween? Get a ticket to Richmond alumni’s spooktacular show

If you like the thrill of being spooked, this is your opportunity to join a former Richmond student, Christopher Howell, now an internationally renowned performer at his brand new Halloween theatre show, ‘Not suitable for nervous dispositions’.

Entitled, Seance: Conversations in the Dark (more information here), Christopher’s show will debut on 29 and 30 October at a spectacular and haunting venue in Peckham called The Asylum.

Christopher, who graduated from Richmond with a double major BA in Theatre Arts and ADM (Art, Design and Media), is a member of the Magic Circle and has trained with world-renowned magicians such as Las Vegas icon Jeff McBride and the late Chicago legend Eugene Burger. He also takes inspiration from diverse theatrically-inclined magicians including Kevin James, Xavier Mortimer and Rob Zabrecki. After graduating from Richmond, he trained as a classical singer at the Accademia Filarmonica (Bologna) as well private training in physical theatre with master clown Ira Seidenstein.

Commenting about his experience of studying at the University, Christopher said, “My degree at Richmond was a great preparation for the unpredictable landscape otherwise known as life-as-a-creative-entrepreneur. In my Theatre Arts concentration I was exposed to a wide range of techniques that help me approach new projects flexibly. As for my ADM concentration, I gained essential skills that I regularly draw on to present my projects and ideas to clients and the public.”

Christopher also gives talks and workshops about innovation as part of his enterprise Project Illusions. It uses magic to teach creative thinking for business training and conferences. Born in the USA, Christopher is based in London but regularly works around the world in places such as Istanbul, Los Angeles and Berlin. He also speaks German, Italian and Spanish.