Looking back on my Internship

Hi everyone!

My internship as a Marketing Assistant with Together TV ends today which marks two months since I started. I’ve continued to use the Buffer software to plan social media posts, but I’ve also been making the Instagram account more aesthetically pleasing. I use Canva to create Instagram stories and highlight covers so the page is more coherent and incorporates branding colours. July is a busy month for publicity as we had a lot of new shows and we also created an online game to encourage healthy eating. To earn points, you move a blender icon towards the fruit, but you have to avoid blending unhealthy fast food. With 500 points you can win a signed cookbook from a chef who hosts one of our shows. Overall the internship was a really good experience which provided valuable skills that I can take forward into future roles.

My sister and I do Mark Wright workouts every day; to distract ourselves during them we watch Love Island which has been quite addictive recently! On my daily walks I listen to On Purpose With Jay Shetty podcasts as they’re really interesting. I’m still reading a lot too which is weird because before lockdown it had been years since I picked up a book. Last week I visited the Richmond campus and it was so strange being back as I hadn’t been in a year.

With lockdown rules easing, I’ve been able to socialise more. I’ve been ordering takeaways with friends and eating them in our gardens and at the weekend I went to a restaurant for the first time since March. My friends and I went to the Ivy Asia in St Pauls which was lovely; the restaurant was really pretty, and the food was amazing. Can’t say that my bank account loved the trip though! As shops are open again, I’ve looked into getting a part time job at my local shopping centre; I’ll keep you updated on how I occupy my time now that my internship is over. This weekend my family and I booked a weekend away to visit some family who live in Birmingham, we’re excited for this mini holiday!

Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal which is great. Here’s a photo from Central Park, New York. Stay safe!

Until next time,

-Zara x