Lockdown in London

Hello, my name is Shivani Govindia and I am a MA (Part-Time) student at Richmond doing Advertising & PR. My first year at Richmond was really interesting and I learnt a lot about the practical side of public relations such as writing press releases and taking part in interesting group projects like making an advert for the module in digital marketing. I also had the chance to meet other students from different countries and learnt study skills from them and how they research information for group projects. It was nice to be in the lecture halls again and be on a university campus after a few years out of academia which is why I was upset like many other students in the UK when lockdown happened as we could no longer attend university physically. I missed the direct one to one communication with fellow students and professors.

However, Richmond’s academic staff are very adaptable and supported us a lot throughout our online lectures and assignments. Spring and the first part of Summer 2020 was hard in lockdown when social activities I enjoy were closed like restaurants and gyms as the days felt much longer but I made sure I went out a lot with friends when everything opened again. The third lockdown feels like déjà vu for many as the only thing we can do is go for walks in parks which I don’t like because of the cold!

I know it will be worth it when we can go out again with our friends and see family members. I am looking forward to going to my favorite restaurants like Wahaca or the one in this photo called Farmacy in Notting Hill with my sister. It is worth going as the nachos are very tasty!

All in all, I believe we can all get through this as students and will enjoy the fun times ahead when Covid gets better but until then, I want to wish my fellow students good luck in their assignments and exams and welcome the new students abroad and home.


Take care. ✌ 🙂