Little joys in life and my role model (Anne Frank)

Hello all, hope everyone is well and settling in to the swing of university life!

Looking at the photos here reminds me of the little joys in life we can all have. They were taken when I went to Amsterdam with two of my best friends for the first time and we came across a nice café that does pancakes and other yummy stuff. It is near the Anne Frank Museum which we had gone to before and then we wanted something delicious to eat.

Going to the Anne Frank Museum was a very special moment in my life as she has been an inspiration for me since I learned about her. When she was in hiding, she had ‘little joys’ to keep her happy like writing in her diary or making jam out of strawberries. So, when going to that café with the pancakes, I began to really appreciate the simple little things that make me happy like drinking chocolate sauce straight out of the cup! During this time, we can all think about these joys in life whatever they may be for you like talking to a friend you miss abroad, making something you love or having a Zoom karaoke party which is what I did with my friends last week!

I will always remember that day when I went to where Anne Frank stayed and it is even more important we can learn from what she was saying in her diary such as having hope and looking to the future. Like Anne, think about the things you can enjoy when things seem strange or you’re having a difficult day with this lockdown.

Quote by Anne: ‘I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.


(FYI, my hair was short then in 2018 and now it’s really long so in desperate need of a trim!)