Listen out for our Presidential Historian on TalkRadio!


If you’d like to learn more about Franklin D. Roosevelt, listen out for our very own Presidential Historian, Dr Laura Smith, on Wednesday 24 February, at 12.30pm GMT on TalkRadio.

Dr Smith, who joined Richmond recently as Adjunct Assistant Professor, will be interviewed live as part of the TalkRadio daily home schooling slot.  Her research analyses precedent in the expansive use of presidential power during crises in modern times. She has published original research into 19th, 20th and 21st century presidencies. She also enjoys commenting on current affairs and writing op-eds for outlets such as The Washington Post.

Dr Smith said, “Recent history has demonstrated the importance of studying the American Presidency. Through AMS6205 The American Presidency, students at Richmond gain an in-depth knowledge of the historical development of presidential power and the role of precedent through discussing presidential case studies right through to the present day.”