Life in the second lockdown

Hi everyone!

We’re about halfway through our second lockdown, I hope everyone is doing the best they can and staying safe. When the weather isn’t too cold, I like going for walks and listening to ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’ podcasts as he’s really motivational. It’s also good to keep in touch with friends and family. Last weekend we had a family Zoom call for my aunt’s birthday, it felt like being back in the first lockdown when I was doing virtual quizzes every day.

I’ve been coming to Richmond once a week to work in the library. The first week I was there was Fireworks night, so outside main building the Student Government gave out sparklers. My dissertation draft is due this week, so I’ve been working hard on that. About three weeks ago, I finished my first draft and asked for some initial feedback from my supervisor and another Finance professor. This helped guide improvements before handing in my draft to be graded.

Next week, I have an assignment for my Country Risk Analysis class, and we have to contrast two economies and explain risk indicators. Doing this class remotely has been good because I can watch the class recordings in my own time, allowing me to work at my own pace. A friend and I from this class started a Google Docs page and together we go through the lectures to make concise notes. I’ve found explaining the PowerPoints to someone helps me learn the material.

Hopefully we won’t be in this situation for much longer; finding ways to keep occupied or even focusing on the midterm’s exams are good ways to keep busy and stay positive. Aside from that, I’ve been watching every Christmas movie on Netflix and decorating my house. Here’s a photo from this time a couple of years ago in Dubai, not that you can tell, but it’s in the Burj Khalifa!

Until next time,