Let’s get cleaning – The Green Project team hits the river

Richmond’s Wayne Clark, Faculty Advisor to The Green Project and The Great British Baking Society, recently led the University’s first volunteer river clean-up of the Fall 2019 semester, with The Wandle Trust. We have now been doing these for 12 years!

Wayne said, “The clean-up was in Beddington Park, South London, and we had eight brave students led down from the hill by Green Project President Michaela Arnold – and despite the site being just about the furthest and most difficulty to get to of all that we do, she got the team there in really good time. Well done Mickey!!

It was a really warm day so the fact that it was only half a clean-up (two hours rather than the usual four) was really welcome. Nothing really of note came out of the river – this is quite a clean park so it was just small stuff. And a bike! And a tyre! But no coconut – it’s a rule that there MUST be a coconut so I guess we’ll have to go back!

A big thank you to Mickey, Jessica, Kayla, Camilla, Talya, Brittany, Lydia and Hamzah.