Students requiring any of their Richmond documents (diplomas, transcripts etc.) to be legalized for use outside of the UK will need to obtain an Apostille.

Apostilles from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have historically been available to students who graduated in May 1993 or later.  Recent changes in policy have been communicated to Richmond and we are working on updates to our guidance.  Please contact Registry Services before making an application (as of February 2018).

Any former graduate can obtain an apostille on a letter confirming Richmond’s authorization to confer degrees via the Delaware Department of Education and Secretary of State.  Please download the attached document for detailed information about this process.  We are consulting with the DDoE to see if recent changes to legislation will allow our actual educational documents to be legalized, and will update our guidance accordingly (as of February 2018).

Request for Letter Confirming Institution Authorization to Confer Educational Degrees (Dec 2017)