Landing the dream job

Hello again!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog – and that’s because I’ve been busy balancing job applications and university work. It’s tough trying to juggle several objectives at the same time but the outcome could be fruitful!

It’s no surprise that the job market has been tough the past year. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been looking for a job. However, since I’ve begun my MBA, I’ve found myself with new skills that set me apart from other applicants. I can understand more terms used in the interview and use more examples of leadership, creativity, and teamwork from my experience at Richmond. After a little over 150 applications and a month’s worth of interviews, I finally landed the dream job I’ve been looking for at a company I admire very much.

I found that keeping a journal and to-do list quite helpful during the past month. I struggled a little bit towards the end of March because I had my Financial Management individual assignment due in the last week of the month – which ran the same time as a lot of my interviews. By managing my time well and making a list of daily goals, I was able to find a good balance between university work and job applications.

The next month is going to be a very busy one – as most of my coursework and group projects are due in by the end of April. After this month, the only thing I have due is my MBA dissertation which I can’t wait to delve into. Until then, I hope everyone is keeping safe and enjoying the good weather!

Margarita Ong