Join us at ‘The Great Escape’: The Discursive Construction of Brexit and Global Britain

Richmond’s Research Centre, State, Power and Globalisation, would like to invite everyone to attend a public lecture which is being held on Brexit on Wednesday 20 March at the Kensington campus.

The guest lecturer, Dr Oliver Daddow (associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and affiliate researcher at the Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge), is highly renowned as an expert on Brexit and British European policy since 1945.  Dr Daddow’s highly topical lecture will take place just nine days before Brexit (unless there is an extension of article 50) on Wednesday 20 March at 1.00pm in the Lecture Hall of 17 Young Street.

In addition to publishing many peer reviewed journal articles and editing books, Dr Daddow is the author of New Labour and the European Union: Blair and Brown’s Logic of History (OUP, 2013) andBritain and Europe Since 1945 (Manchester University Press, 2011).  He is also the author of a top selling textbook International Relations Theory, which in 2017 went into its third edition, and co-editor of the textbook Politics UK (2018).   He has appeared on local, national and international radio and television, including BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Nottingham, TalkSport, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, France 24 television, Capital, LBC Radio and Voice of Islam.

Richmond’s Research Centre for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation (SPG) is led by Dr. Paul Rekret.  The organisation seeks to promote the study of the most predominant political questions of our time. The aim of the Centre is to form links between researchers across the University focusing on political agents and structures at a local and international level and seeks to understand the complex interplay between local and state power and the forces of globalisation.

Do please join them if you can.