Join Richmond Business School for online talk, Friday 20 January

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This is your invitation to join Professor Emeritus Parviz Dabir-Alai for an online talk on Friday 20 January, 1.00-2.00pm, as part of the Richmond Business School (RBS) lecture series, which is entitled, ‘Can we expect improvements in levels of undernourishment amongst the world’s poorest when their political climate improves?’

Professor Dabir-Alai outlines expectations of the relationship between undernourishment and political climates as well as data outcomes when both are examined:

It is not beyond reasonable to expect that as political freedoms and civil liberties improve we ought to also see improvements in observations of undernourishment. The logic is that better political climates facilitate and contribute to the arrival of better business practices, entrepreneurship, jobs, security and ultimately prosperity. These are all the characteristics we normally associate with economies that are on the right track. However, the data shows the opposite, at least for the world’s poorest countries. What could possibly explain this?

Professor Emeritus Parviz Dabir-Alai has extensive international academic experience having lived and worked in the US and the Caribbean. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Happiness & Development and previously served in the same role for the International Journal of Social and Economic Research. At the University he also served as the Chair of the Wellbeing Research Centre. Notable amongst other work he has done is Dr Dabir-Alai’s consulting work with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Engineering Institute (at the University of the West Indies) on the financing of large infrastructure projects within the Caribbean region. This multi-billion dollar project was financed by the OECD. He is a former Dean of the School of Business & Economics and recently retired from his position as Professor of Economics at Richmond American University London.

Interested in attending? Please join on the link here.