It’s No Time to Die for Richmond’s Bondologist

Having been pushed back because of the pandemic, the launch of Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’ is great news for fans of the franchise. For one member of faculty at Richmond, it’s particularly welcome.

That’s because Dr Martin D Brown, Associate Professor of International History at Richmond, is a ‘Bondologist’ who says, “Tracing Bond’s ascendancy across global popular culture provides a useful matrix in which to explore and critically assess a wide range of related cultural, economic and political issues.”

Dr Brown has signed a contract with Routledge to publish an edited volume on ‘The Bondian Cold War: The Transnational Legacy of a Cultural Icon’ with chapters from various Bondologists, and several on Soviet reactions to Bond spy films. The volume is based on a conference Dr Brown organised at Tallinn University last year Find out more on the project on Twitter @BondianCW

You can also listen to Dr Brown’s Bond podcast, ‘Follow Out of the Shadows’ Project.

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