It’s all getting busier!

Hi everyone,

Everything has gotten much busier now that the second half of term has started. Last week I presented to my Human Resource Management class and now I’m working on a presentation for Consumer Behaviour. My group and I are persuading young adults against fast-food companies that use single-use plastic. I was really happy to be offered to take the vaccine and earlier this week I got my first dose! The process was really simple and now my whole family has been vaccinated. My side effects started about 8 hours after with shivers, temperature, fatigue and muscle aches. The symptoms went away after a couple of days and the fast pace of the vaccine rollout makes me hopeful for the future.

Last weekend my family and I were watching tv and we suddenly heard music outside; being the nosy neighbours we are, we dimmed the lights and looked out the window. For my neighbour’s birthday, their friend had gotten a speaker and lights and was belting out 90’s music. It was so fun hearing live music for the first time in ages and everyone on my street came out on their driveways to enjoy it. Yesterday my friend and I went for a walk around my local nature reserve which was really nice…until it poured with rain. Not sure what else I expected in England!

I hope you’re looking forward to Easter weekend and the heatwave next week. This is a photo from study abroad in Florida, hopefully we can go on holidays again soon.


Until next time,