Italy Rome Internship

Italy Rome Internship

Students in the Internship Program take Italian language courses for a total of 6 credits, a 6-credit unpaid internship placement and 1 additional 3-credit course related to their internship. Students may also choose an additional 1-credit optional Introduction to Italian Art course, taught primarily during the field trips to Naples and Florence.

Online Registration – Very Important

Students register for all classes online at:

Registration week is: June 5-12, 2017 (fall semester 2017), November 6 – 13, 2017 (spring semester 2018)

Program at a glance

In a competitive world, practical experience is an invaluable addition to classroom learning. Richmond’s Internship Program provides vital insights into a career field, experience in the global workplace, practical exposure to demands of specific jobs and development of professional and personal skills.
Richmond internships are supervised and combined with reflective academic study that help students apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace.

Italy’s largest and most populated city, Rome is home to many international organizations, companies, and humanitarian NGOs.

All foreign countries have their embassies in Rome, some of them also have a second embassy to the Vatican.

Three public universities and numerous private research institutes provide academic research and advanced technological services.

Culture and tourism are key factors for the Roman economy. A network of marketing and communication enterprises operate to promote the incredibly rich cultural heritage of the city.

A unique opportunity for an international educational experience, internships are available for Semester or Academic Year (see itineraries above) in Rome in the following areas:

  • Art, Design & Media
  • Communications
  • History
  • Economics & Finance
  • Education
  • International Business
  • International Journalism
  • International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Political Science
  • Social Science

Internship Schedule

Orientation Program – 2 weeks
• Intensive language classes (2 credits)
• Orientation for your life in Italy

The Rest of the Semester in Rome – 12 weeks
• Tailored made Internship seminars
• Language classes (4 credits)
• One class of your choice related to your internship (3 credits)
• Internship placement and work – 260 hours (6 credits)

Placement Opportunities

Art, Art History, History

  • Management, Marketing, Promotion, Education, Tourism
  • Museums of Rome, Castel S. Angelo
  • Museo del Risorgimento
  • Museo dei Mercati di Traiano
  • Museo GNAM – National Gallery of Modern Art
  • Pantheon
  • Museo Etnografico Pigorini
  • Palazzo Spada
  • Anglo American Bookstore

Business and Economics

  • Marketing, Merchandising, International Business, Finance, Fashion
  • Fusolab Creative Lab
  • Inprendo Financial Advisory & Management Consulting
  • Coldwell Smart Properties
  • Bird and Bird International Law
  • Alo and Partners International Market Strategy
  • LUISS Business School
  • Agenzia Salaria Business Services


  • Journalism, Photojournalism, Marketing, PR, Fundraising
  • Accademia di S. Cecilia
  • Officine Fotografiche
  • Lozzi Publishing
  • Ristorante La Campana
  • The Perfect Bun
  • Fusolab Creative Lab
  • Domus Talenti Events
  • Taodue Film


  • Primary and Secondary School, Daycare Centers, Music, Publishing
  • Istituto Manin
  • Istituto Pistelli
  • Istituto Santa Dorotea
  • St. Louis School of Music
  • Lozzi Publishing
  • LUISS University

International Relations

  • History, Politics, International Relations, Immigration, Social Science
  • Embassy of Malta
  • Embassy of Colombia
  • Joel Nafuma Refugee Center
  • Comunità S. Egidio
  • Caritas