Classes in art history, fashion, history, marketing, sociology, photography, drawing, painting and Italian language are given in the Study Center*.


Students on the 3-week Maymester choose one course for a recommended 3 credits. The courses available all focus on an important aspect of Italian life and culture and formal classroom teaching is supplemented by academic visits and field trips in and around Florence, with the city itself helping you to learn in a very visual and exciting way. All courses are taught in English.

Choose one course from the list below. Please note that all courses are taught in English.

4-Week Summer Program

The 4-week Program is designed for students who wish to study multiple courses from a broad range of subjects focusing on Italian life and culture including Italian language, art history, drawing, entrepreneurship, fashion, history, marketing, painting, photography and sociology and food culture. All courses carry a recommended 3 credits and students generally take 2 courses for a total of 6 credits.

Please note that all courses are taught in English apart from Italian language.

Please speak to your advisor on the courses available to you and how to register.

Maymester and 4-week Summer Program Combination

Students who take both the Maymester and the 4-week Summer program can earn up to 9 credits over 7 weeks.
Please note for all courses with field trips and for the fashion workshop students must pay a supplement of approximately 50 euros per upon arrival in Italy.

Earn an extra credit on your excursion!

Students taking both the Rome pre-tour and the excursion to Venice can earn an additional credit when they register for ARH 273 (1) Introduction to Italian Art.

Maymester Courses Taught in English

Maymester Courses Taught in English

ADM 104/ADM 3855 (3) | Painting in Florence I

ADM 204/ADM 4855 (3) | Painting in Florence II

ADM 312/ADM 5855 (3) | Painting in Florence III

ARH 273/AVC 4800 (1) | Introduction to Italian Art

HST/ANTH 315/HST 5825 (3) | Italian Food and Culture

MKT 370/MKT 5810 (3) | Psychology of Fashion and Luxury Goods


  • The included meal plan is one of the highlights of the Florence program, with almost 100% of students rating it “excellent” every summer. It gives you a unique opportunity to become part of the Florentine culinary culture, dining alongside locals in selected restaurants and trattorias or shopping in neighborhood grocery stores.
  • If you study on the 3-week Maymester you will receive a total of 20 vouchers; students on the 4-week Program will receive a total of 40 vouchers that can be used in restaurants, coffee shops, delis and grocery stores, giving you the flexibility to eat out or pool resources and cook in your apartment with your fellow students.
  • Students on the 7-week programs (Internship or Maymester + 4-week) receive both meal plans outlined above.

*This opportunity is for students enrolled in the AIFS study abroad programme only.