Internship Program in Florence

In a competitive world, practical experience is an invaluable addition to classroom learning. Richmond’s Internship Program provides vital insights into a career field, experience in the global workplace, practical exposure to the demands of specific jobs and development of professional and personal skills.

International work experience helps students test a potential career path while exploring interests and abilities in new ways. Working side by side with Florentines is the best way to gain insight into their culture, understand different approaches and prepare for the realities of working in a multicultural and interdependent world.

Richmond has specifically designed the International Internship Program to combine an academic program and individual attention with a unique opportunity to spend up to 13 weeks working in Florence-based organizations.

The Internship Program consists of mandatory Italian language for a total of 8 credits (including orientation), a 6-credit, unpaid, résumé-enhancing internship and one additional 3-credit course related to the chosen internship. Students may also choose an additional 1-credit optional Introduction to Italian Art course, taught primarily during the field trips to Rome and Venice, for a total of 18 credits.

The program benefits students by enabling you to:

  • apply academic training to practical situations in business and other organizations
  • work alongside professionals and managers to observe different work styles and techniques
  • relate work experience to classroom situations
  • enrich employment opportunities and establish a work record for their CV (résumé)
  • acquire skills and strengths essential to the development of personal confidence
  • gain contacts and insight into a career area

The ideal internship placement is a coordination between the skills and personality that an organization is seeking and those which a student presents. Each student should approach the program with cultural awareness and flexibility. This will enable the internship office to identify suitable organizations at which the student may intern. Placements are made with both small and large organizations, and selection is based on a number of criteria. In some workplaces the language barrier is not considered a problem although some places require a good knowledge of the Italian language.

Students on the Internship Program use public transportation to get to work if necessary. Interns should budget approximately 50 euros per month for a bus pass.

Please note: Students must attend interviews with suitable organizations and understand that this is a competitive process. Final selection is always at the discretion of the organization and the Internship Program is not able to honor specific requests to join a particular organization or guarantee that students will be successful at interviewing.

In addition to the internship coordinator who support students on an individual basis throughout the program in the seminars, internship faculty advisors are assigned from Richmond, The American International University in London faculty to monitor the internship. They are in regular contact with the student and the workplace supervisor and contribute to the academic component of the Internship Program grade.

Session/Term Credits Requirements
Fall or Spring Semester up to 18 minimum 2.75 GPA

Program Dates Fall 2017

Saturday, August 19 Arrival in Florence. Orientation begins for all students
Sunday, August 20 Continuation of orientation and meeting in Florence
Monday, August 21 to Saturday, September 2 2-week Language and Internship Preparation course
Monday, September 4 Internships begin
Saturday, October 7 Field trip to Siena
Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, October 15 3-day visit to Venice
Friday, November 10 to Sunday, November 12 3-day visit to Rome
Thursday, November 30 Internships end
Friday, December 1 Housing must be vacated by 10:00 am

Program Dates Spring 2018

Sunday, January 14 Arrival in Florence. Orientation begins for all students
Monday, January 15
to Saturday, January 27
2-week Language and Internship Preparation course
Monday, January 29 Internships begin
Friday, February 9
to Sunday, February 11
3-day Rome field trip
Saturday, February 17 to Sunday, February 18 2-day visit to Venice (students will be divided into 2 groups – see dates below)
Saturday, March 10
to Sunday, March 11
2-day visit to Venice
Saturday, March 17 Field trip to Siena
Friday, March 23
to Monday, April 2
Spring break
Thursday, May 3 Spring semester ends
Friday, May 4 Housing must be vacated by 10:00 am 

Admissions Guidelines

Students must meet all the required criteria for admission to Richmond, The American International University in London and have:

  • enrolled at least 45 semester credits by time the program begins and enrolled in a full-time degree program
  • 2.75 minimum GPA for students with at least 75 semester credits; 3.0 minimum GPA for students with 45-74 semester credits
  • a thoroughly and thoughtfully completed internship application which forms part of their portfolio and a completed academic year and semester application
  • paid or unpaid work experience during the last two years
  • letter of reference from a former employer
  • two letters of academic reference
  • a current resumé
  • students must have a minimum age of 18 by the application deadline

**Credits for each content course are equal to American credits based on one credit for a minimum of 15 contact hours plus home study or the equivalent in independent research or tutorials. The 6-credit International Internship course has 45 contact hours per credit.