Freshman Year in Florence, Italy

Florence or Firenze, Duomo Cathedral landmark. Sunset view from

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Freshman Year in Florence, Italy

Experience an International Education for your 1st year at university in Florence, the cultural jewel of Italy.  This will prepare you for further study at a degree level in Higher Education

First semester begins with a one-week orientation in Marina di Pietrasanta for the Fall Semester or in Rome for the Spring Semester open to non-EU students. During this week students will receive information about life in Italy, academic matters and social activities. This is followed by eleven weeks of study in Florence. With the exception of Italian language, all courses are taught in English. EU students receive a 1-day on-site Orientation in Florence.

The Freshman Year in Florence is a program designed for highly motivated freshmen, who wish to pursue foundation course work in a study abroad environment while also allowing for a cultural exploration of Italy.  An experience abroad, especially in the freshman year, is a unique way to make yourself stand out.


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The Florence Study Center

The Richmond Study Cennter is located in the Palazzo Michelozzi, a 16th century palace between the Arno River and the Pitti Palace, the Richmond Study Center is a few minutes walk from the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and many of the great Florentine museums. Via Maggio is a famous street for antique shops in the historic center of town. The center occupies the ground floor and the piano nobile or first floor above ground level. With its elegant, gracious rooms, the center serves as a convenient, attractive, welcoming environment for students and teachers.

The Study Center has a reading room with a selected library containing texts relevant to research paper topics. Students may also use the extensive collections available to them in Florence. Students have special membership access to The British Institute Library, which has more than 60,000 volumes—the largest English language library in continental Europe. Its comfortable reading room overlooks the Arno River.

Accommodation and Meals


Typical accommodations might be with an Italian host family (a single person or retired couple) in a residential section of Florence or in a carefully selected apartment shared with up to 9 other students. If in an apartment, approximately 325 euros for the semester is paid directly to the landlord in cash upon arrival as a deposit for utilities. Housing is located a 15-30 minutes walk from the Study Center.

Apartment Option

Each apartment is privately owned and is unique in location, atmosphere, size, design, facilities, floor plan, and number of bedrooms. A typical apartment houses two to ten Richmond students in double bedrooms. Up to four students will share one bathroom and all students share the kitchen and sitting area.  Apartments are provided with washing machine, internet, basic kitchen supplies, furnishings, blankets, two sets of sheets per student. Towels, telephones, clothes dryers, air conditioning and microwaves are not provided. Students pay a utility fee of €320 per person per semester in cash directly to the landlord to cover the cost of utilities consumption.


The meal plan is one of the highlights of the Florence program, with almost 100% of students rating it “excellent” or “good.” It gives you a unique opportunity to become part of the Florentine culinary culture, dining alongside locals in selected restaurants and trattorias or shopping in neighborhood grocery stores. You will receive 10 vouchers per week (five breakfasts plus five lunches or dinners excluding during excursions) that can be used in restaurants, coffee shops, delis and supermarkets, giving you the flexibility to eat out or pool resources and cook in your apartment with your fellow students.

Additional Opportunities

Students choose 5 courses (modules) per semester from a variety of discipline areas which may include

  • Italian Language and Culture
  • International Relations
  • Italian History
  • Business Management
  • Research & Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Expression
  • Sociology
  • Painting

Programme structure

GEP 3100 Transitions I GEP 3101 Transitions II
GEP 3180 Research & Writing I GEP 4180 Research & Writing II
GEP 3120 Quantitative Reasoning GEP 3160 Creative Expression
MTH 3000 Fundamentals of Math MTH 4120 Probability and Statistics
ECN 3200 Fundamentals of Econ Ideas ECN 3100 Foundations of Economics
AVC 3200 Art Across Cultures INR 4100 Intro to IR
HST 3XXX – Florence: a History MGT 3200 Foundations of Business
ITL 3831 – Elementary Italian I COM 3100 Foundations in Mass Comm.
ITL 3832 – Elementary Italian II ITL 3831 – Elementary Italian I
ITL 4831 – Intermediate Italian I ITL 3832 – Elementary Italian II
ITL 4832 – Intermediate Italian II ITL 4831 – Intermediate Italian I
ITL 5830 – Advanced Italian  Language ITL 4832 – Intermediate Italian II
HST 3XXX – Medieval and Early Renaissance Italy ITL 5830 – Advanced Italian  Language

*Needs to be designed.  Will parallel HST 3706  London:  A History

Nicole Collette, Florence

“This experience, in whole has become a part of me. Words don’t even begin to describe how much I’m going to miss the people that have been the foundation to my experience here, but more importantly, I’m going to miss the person I am right now and right here because I’ll never have that again.”

Nicole Collette, Florence
Daniele Nickel, Florence

“I’m already anticipating the nostalgia I’ll feel reminiscing the last four months of living in the most perfect city.”

Daniele Nickel, Florence