Richmond’s Florence Campus

Located in the Palazzo Michelozzi, a 16th century palace between the Arno River and the Pitti Palace, the Richmond Study Center is just a few minutes walk from the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and many of the great Florentine museums.  The center occupies the ground floor and the piano nobile or first floor above ground level. With its elegant, gracious rooms, the center serves as a convenient, attractive, welcoming environment for students and teachers. Florence is wonderful city.

  • Our Programmes are taught in English
  • We offer Italian classes from beginners through to intermediate and advanced levels
  • The compact city center puts the history, art and architecture of the Renaissance right at your doorstep.
  • Be a part of the community, not just a tourist, living in your own Florentine apartment and enjoying restaurants and cafes throughout the city with your Richmond meal vouchers.
  • Experience the culinary side of Italian culture with wine tasting and cooking classes. Explore Italy’s artistic heritage with visits to museums, art galleries and monuments.
  • Participate in the Volunteer work or the Service Learning: two different options to actively become part of the city, live as a local, among people from Florence, helping and establishing deep relations with the community.
  • Work as an Intern (up to 6 credits) in a local company and focus your experience abroad to gain international contacts, professional relationships and create a network. Build up your carrier abroad and give a boost to your future!

In addition to consulting with their academic advisors, Richmond degree-course students should consult Richmond’s University Catalogue and for any further queries contact Professor Dominic Alessio

“I don’t think it’s possible to express the extent to which I have enjoyed this experience. Being in Florence was a phenomenal experience, it is a remarkable city which will stick with me as my second home for the rest of my life.”

“My love for Florence comes from the city, the culture and the food. The people were fantastic, the staff were excellent. It is safe to say my experience would not have been half as amazing without the work and care of everyone on the Richmond in Florence team. I learnt so much about life, Italy and art, it helped me to adapt and taught me how to immerse myself in another culture.”

“Any Study Abroad experience is what you make it, it is easy to have different experiences but I can happily say that I was extremely lucky. I made some amazing friends, met fantastic people, ate some delicious food and created the best memories.”

“I implore everyone, anyone reading this to seriously consider Florence as your next stop in your life. It was one hundred percent the best thing I have ever experienced and I cannot believe that it is over. I expect that it won’t be too long before I find a way to return.”

Carley has written a report about her experiences in Florence. You can download the Word document here.

Carley Bucknellstudying BA in Art History and Visual Culture

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