Interview with Richmond Film lecturer explores his Book of the Year

Lavie Tidhar, a Film lecturer at Richmond American University London, has had an interview published by The Chiswick Calendar which explores his book Maror, chosen as a Book of the Year for 2022 by the Guardian and the Economist.

Lavie teaches on the new Science Fiction and Fantasy – Storytelling course as part of the MA in Film: Science Fiction and Fantasy alongside Dr Caleb Turner.

Bridget Osborne, Editor of The Chiswick Calendar, says about Maror by Lavie,

It was the most original, interesting and refreshing book I have read for a long time, and to my delight I found Lavie is teaching at Richmond American University London, based in Chiswick Business Park, so I went to meet him. He seems slightly surprised by all the fuss, but is delighted by the sales. Maror is about crime, but not a crime novel, a history of modern Israel, but not a history book. The chief character is a corrupt policeman who is also an enforcer for criminal gangs whose leaders he grew up with.

The course taught by Lavie focuses on several genre types include the gothic, horror, utopia, dystopia, superheroes, fairy tales, folklore, mythology, magic, post-apocalyptic fiction, space operas, anime, magical realism and more.

Lavie says, “Basically, we’re looking at practical applications of story shapes and genre tropes and practical exercises in writing pitches, outlines and scripts. The students, working in small groups, are expected to deliver a short film at the end of the course. We also have guest speakers from the film/tv/games industry to help share their knowledge.  It’s a lot of fun!