What is an internship?

Richmond internships are supervised, career-related work experiences, combined with reflective academic study that help students apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace. They are full-time, academically-accredited work placements carried out over an 8/9 week period, and worth 6 academic credits.

Benefits of doing an internship

An internship provides students with exposure to the demands of specific jobs in specific sectors and allows students to learn from professionals in their chosen field. The practical skills and experience that students gain by carrying out an internship not only provide a taste of what it would be like to work in a given sector, but it also greatly increases a student’s employability in an ever-competitive job market.  As a student on Richmond’s Internship Programme, you will have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the workplace, make contacts which may prove valuable to your future employment prospects, and gain confidence in your capabilities, creativity and communication skills – all while gaining 6 academic credits that will count towards your Degree.

Who is eligible for the Internship Programme?

The Internship Programme is open to Junior (year 3) and Senior (year 4) degree students of any discipline who meet the following requirements:

  • 60 completed credit hours at the time of application
  • GPA of 3.0 for students with 60 completed hours; GPA of 2.75 for students with 75 completed hours
  • Exceptions: for Psychology majors a GPA of 3.2 is always required; GPA of 3.0 for Finance and Policy majors
  • 2 strong academic references

Final acceptance onto the programme is at the discretion of the Head of the Internship Programme.

The academic component

In addition to successfully completing a work placement, students must complete a number of academic assignments.  These include: a weekly learning journal, an internship portfolio, and a presentation. To assist with these, each student is assigned a member of faculty, whose role it is to mentor and support the student during their time on the programme, as well as grade their academic coursework.  As with all academic courses offered at the university, a fee for the Internship Programme applies.

What happens next?

If you are interested in participating in the Internship Programme and would like to find out more, please contact Lilja Persson to arrange a meeting to discuss. Alternatively, stop by the Internship Office at 16 Young Street for an application pack.

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