Interested in doing an MBA in Entrepreneurship?


“I founded Draper University in 2012 with a vision and belief that in order to change the world we have to change education. Draper University aims to teach entrepreneurship globally in an entirely new way. I’m thrilled that, with Richmond, The American International University in London, we can share our approach with students of this new MBA in Entrepreneurship.” – Tim Draper, American venture capitalist

Are you an entrepreneur, a leader, thinker and motivator who would like to gain key business management skills?

Then explore our brand new, highly innovative MBA: Entrepreneurship which will provide all the core business and financial knowledge and skills you need, combined with a five week entrepreneurial study abroad course in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, at Draper University, where you will be given the opportunity to pitch your business idea direct to potential investors.

The first semester begins with a thorough study of economic analysis for managers, global marketing strategy and explores how to manage both organisations and people.

In the second semester, you will move on to examine the principles of strategic management, financial management and how to conduct business research as well as a course exclusive to this MBA at Richmond, entrepreneurship and innovation management.

The MBA faculty team at Richmond, which includes both academics and experienced industry professionals, is collaborative and supportive. They practice the latest teaching methods which stimulate critical thinking and creativity and encourage you to explore boundaries in your thinking and actions.

In the third semester, you will then live and study for five weeks in Silicon Valley, in California, USA, at Draper University.  With this course, you can learn to think like an entrepreneur with modules such as future and innovation, VC training, being a great mentor, corporate entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley immersion.

Every week, you will be completing 40 hours of learning which will enable the progression of your business and the development of your network in Silicon Valley.

Founded by the legendary Tim Draper who has launched a series of venture capital firms around the world, Draper University has attracted more than 2,000 alumni from over 86 countries with phenomenal results – more than 700 start-ups have been created which have raised over USD 367 million dollars.

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