A new ‘incubator’ initiative is being launched by Richmond Business School, which will be available to all Richmond’s students, staff and alumni.  Led by Hamad Khan, Programme Director of International Business and Entrepreneurship, the incubator will be available as a service to provide students with help and advice in establishing a start-up business.

Professor Khan will be joined by a multi-disciplinary team including a Professor with a degree in Law and expertise in IPOs, A Richmond and INSEAD graduate now working for Google and a colleague with experience of working in start-ups.

Entitled ‘Matrix’, the incubator takes its name from the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word which means, ‘The cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops’.

Professor Khan said, “We’re thrilled about the launch of Matrix.  We are very proud at Richmond of our reputation for developing entrepreneurship in our students across all of the programmes.  We have seen students start their own business while still and Richmond and this has encouraged us to give such students to develop and others to inspire and follow their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs.  With the help of Matrix, we would like to encourage this spirit of entrepreneurship as much as possible across the University.”

Through Matrix, the team will offer the following services to students:

  • Advice and feedback
  • Accelerator programmes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Funding opportunities through external investors
  • Competitions and workshops

Matrix, which can be contacted by matrix@richmond.ac.uk, will be led by the following diverse team: