Interested in creating a more peaceful world? Join our Peace Conference


“By peace we mean the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, without violence, and creatively – a never-ending process.”— Johan Galtung

Peace means many different things to different people.  Find out what it means to Richmond’s MA International Relations students by joining their Peace Conference which is being held in April.

In this Peace Conference, the students will unveil peace plans designed to push contemporary ongoing conflicts towards a ‘warm peace’.  Three panel sessions will be held over three days, focusing on different international wars, conflicts and crises explored by the students, with the schedule as follows:

Thursday 15th April 1500-1620:  Peace Conference Panel 1:

  • Chiara Cava and Myanmar Crisis
  • Regina Reece and Somalia Civil War
  • Sara Ahmed Yahir Chinese/Uyghurs conflict
  • Ashishkiumar Patel and the Sino-Indian War

Friday 16th April 1500-1545 Peace Conference Panel 2:

  • Naema Alquadash and Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
  • Alina Freeman and Sahel Conflict

Thursday 22nd April 1500-1620: Peace Conference Panel 3:

  • Haly Brill and Yemen Civil War
  • DeDe Paul Tigray War
  • David Peterson and Mali War
  • Carson Malarkey and Nagorno-Karabakh War

You can join the events with this meeting link:

For more information, contact Dr Kandida Purnell,