I ♥ NY!

Hi everyone! The last two weeks have been quite busy, we have finals in a month and some tests before that which are taking up a lot of my time. I now only work at the call centre once a week because I would rather study and it can get a bit repetitive. Right now, we’re working on a project that CNN sub-contracted us to do; we’re calling people and asking who they are most likely to vote for in the upcoming election and then CNN is going to report the results we get on the news.

As UNF is built on a nature reserve, they have a lot of Eco-Adventure activities that we can do. A few weeks ago, we rented out kayaks and boated on the lake but yesterday we decided to do the agility course. We had to do a series of challenges and once we solved them, we could go on the zip line that goes over all the lakes at UNF. I was just scared of falling in the lake and being greeted by an alligator!

As I mentioned in my last post, my dad was going to be running the New York marathon (it was his 42nd marathon!) so on Halloween I flew to New York to meet him, my mum and sister. Having a weekend away with the family was so much fun! We did so much in a few days that my feet were crying by the end of it. We walked along the High Line which is an old railway track converted into a walkway, went up the Vessel (SO many flights of stairs to get up there) and went to the Top of the Rock observation deck – luckily you can get an elevator up otherwise that would be a long 66 flights!

As a surprise birthday present for me, my sister booked us tickets to watch Mean Girls on Broadway! I’ve seen a few shows in London but this was my first Broadway one and it was so good. The acting and singing was really professional, and the show was really funny. The next morning, we toured the NBC Studios because my sister works for a company which is owned by NBC, so she was really interested in the tour. We saw the actual studios where Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Myers are filmed at! While we were doing this tour, my dad was running the marathon so after a quick trip into Macys and Saks Fifth Avenue, we took a yellow cab to Central Park where the finish line was. After seeing him run past us, then we went back to the hotel so I could pack for UNF and get to the airport on time.

Nothing too interesting is happening for the next two weeks but I should be going home soon because for Thanksgiving we have a week off from classes. Our lectures are also cancelled on Monday because it’s Veterans Day so I’m looking forward to the long weekend. So weird to think that this day last year I was at the Richmond Winter Ball!

Until next time,