I hope you’re feeling more positive now that normal life is coming soon!

Hi everyone,

After the recent announcement I hope you’re feeling more positive now that normal life is coming soon! Being able to go out will be good as I’m struggling to take interesting pictures for my Photography class. For our midterm we had to shoot in one location so when it was sunny, I walked to my local nature reserve and took photos of the lakes and cliffs.

As midterms are next week, we all have a few assignments due. I just handed in a case study for Consumer Behaviour, but I had a slight meltdown when I submitted it because I accidentally sent my Luxury Brand Management case study instead. So, as a tip, after sending in something on Blackboard, download it after to check what you submitted!

Right now, I’m reading ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek which is a business book about how leaders can inspire employee motivation. I’m still trying to exercise everyday but when I don’t feel like cardio, I use a weighted hula hoop. Being able to hula hoop is a strange skill but it really works your core as it weighs 2 kilos.

A few summers ago, I went bike riding in Central Park…I don’t actually know how to ride a bike, so it was terrifying, and I ended up falling and breaking the bike. To be honest there’s been 3 lockdowns and I still haven’t found the time to learn how to ride a bike so I probably never will, but I’ll let you know if I do!

I hope you’re all doing well and happy about the plan for easing lockdown. I also hope you had a lovely Valentines/galentines or however you celebrated. I was really happy to receive a Nintendo switch in the post which has definitely improved my lockdown!


Until next time,