“I hope you’re all staying safe and inside!”

Hi everyone! Saying 2020 is off to a rocky start is a bit of an understatement right now…but I’ll run through some of things I was doing before I wasn’t allowed to leave my house.

I said in my last post that I had an interview for an internship, I’m happy to say that I got the job! For nine weeks in Summer I’m going to be on the marketing team of a television company called Together TV. If the virus gets worse, I’ll be able to work remotely. The days after Spring break were quite busy. My roommate came to visit me in Essex and her friend came to visit London the week after. We went to Sky Gardens, the Ice Bar and Ballie Ballerson together which was really fun. That weekend, my aunt turned 60 and we had a big family celebration for her and as a surprise her husband hired a limo to take us to dinner.

It’s a bit of a full house at the moment because my dad and sister are working from home and my mum’s been given some time off from work. I was still supposed to work at the library but because of the new Government rules, the library had to close. I did an emergency move out of my uni room last weekend, so I’ve completely moved home now. The day after we had Mother’s Day…in quarantine. My sister and I made it as nice as possible, we got flowers and made a really nice breakfast but we’re gonna have a Mother’s Day part two when this is all over.

On weekdays, I wake up for 9am to start the working day with my dad and sister. During the day I attend my online lectures, go through powerpoints and write essays but it’s really weird doing all of that from my dining room. After the good news that Richmond found a partnership, I’ve decided not graduate in Summer and stay for another term instead. Staying active is hard, I take my one Government approved walk a day, my family and I do about 3 miles. I’ve been doing essays and trampolining in the garden which I haven’t done since I was like 14. My sister and I do home workouts and play Nintendo games as well. I spent quite some time cleaning the dust off of the Mario kart game. To keep my mind occupied I’ve been reading, doing puzzles and watching some more intelligent television shows. I’m not saying though that I haven’t been rinsing my Disney+ account…

I hope you’re all staying safe and inside during this time and hopefully it will all be over soon!

Until next time,