“I ended up spending Christmas in a hotel”

Hi everyone!

I guess it’s a bit late to say happy new year, but I hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying 2021 so far. My Christmas was a bit crazy; my house had a meltdown and our heating and hot water stopped working. It was so cold I ended up spending Christmas in a hotel and it even snowed! This will be my last term at Richmond as I graduate in May. After getting A grades in my Fall classes, I was really happy to make the Dean’s List last term as that will be something extra to put on my CV.

Getting used to online classes again was weird, but we’ve had a lot of practice now. My classes are going well so far, Luxury Brand Management and Consumer Behaviour are interesting because they are more psychology based which is a segment of business I haven’t explored before. Most of my classes have some aspect of group work, so we get to share the workload with each other. My photography class however has individual assignments, but we’re allowed to use our phones to take the photos as we can’t access the university cameras right now. Luckily, I have a Canon camera at home that I can use and then our Richmond accounts provide access to Photoshop for editing.

I’m not doing anything too exciting at the moment but I’m still keeping busy. In between my classes and assignments, I don’t have much extra time, but I like to exercise, listen to podcasts and read. As I’m sure all of you are, I’m also constantly binging Netflix… I would recommend using this time at home to clear out and redecorate, I made over £2000 on Depop last year just selling my old things; you never know what you have lying around!

Hopefully we can be back on campus soon and get some form of normality. Until then I hope you’re all getting used to your classes and enjoying the new term; here’s a photo from Christmas a couple years ago.


Until next time,

-Zara x