How to survive as a working student

Being a student requires mental strength, patience and having goals that you are determined to achieve, no matter what. Moreover, if you are planning to study and you don’t have financial support from your family, you definitely need to find a job in order to support yourself and pay the bills. This is the story of how I dealt with my work and my studies in London, while I was living far away from my family and friends.

When I first arrived in London, my goal was to find a job that would be consistent with my former studies and ambitions. I found a job in hospitality in order to pay my bills but at the same time I was looking for an opportunity in journalism. After six months, I decided that it is only fitting to get a master’s degree in journalism or mass media communications. After a series of decisions and examining my options, I was led to Richmond.

For almost a year, after I started my courses at the university, I continued working for the same restaurant, trying to balance my work and my classes. There were days that I was feeling exhausted (especially during exam period). A couple of times, I had to take my laptop at work in order to study.

Before I started my classes at the university, I wasn’t sure if I could make it because I was working long hours and I was getting tired even without the reading and the stress of the exams. But after I started my MA, I realized that the best days, the days that I was feeling more productive, were the days that I was spending in those classes. After that, I knew I could make it!

Is it hard to work and study at the same time? Yes. But I wouldn’t change this experience for an easy paycheck because it gave me something very important along the way. Personal growth. Yes, on many occasions I was feeling pressure and there were days that I wanted to stay home and just relax, but I’ve learned to handle difficult situations and never give up. If you are reading this and you think you can’t handle work and study, I can assure you that you can and in the end you will feel great for all the things that you will accomplish.