Scholarships for UK/EU Students

If you are eligible, Richmond offers Scholarships that can be combined with Student Finance England loans, or other sources of personal funding, to pay your remaining tuition balance or balance due for on-campus accommodation and your meal plan.

Chancellor’s Plus 2018 Scholarship

Name of Scholarship Qualifications Amount
Chancellor’s Plus Scholarship for Sept 2018 entry only
  • Subject to meeting university entry requirements
  • Strong UCAS/Common App application
  • Applications MUST be submitted by 15th June 2018
£3,085.00 p.a.

Terms and Conditions: 1.Continuation of the Chancellor’s Scholarship after the first year is conditional on the student achieving a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 from the previous academic year, remaining in good standing and making a positive contribution to University life. 2.The government is currently reviewing fees in the UK, and the Chancellors Plus Scholarship is based upon giving students a reduction of their fees by a third. As students continue after the first year, if fees are reduced by the review, the University will continue to offer its scholarship at a third of the fee. 3.Chancellor’s Plus Scholarship does not pertain to RIASA programmes; BA International Sports Management with Football (Leeds) and BA International Sports Management with Football (London)

The Richmond Private University Difference

Richmond University
(4 Years)
UK University
(3 Years)
Fee £9,250.00 p.a. £9,250.00 p.a.
Chancellor’s Plus 2018 Scholarship £3,085.00 p.a. N/A
SFE tuition loan £6, 165 p.a. £9,250.00 p.a.
The total debt from start of loan to the end of programme £28,677.27 £31,283.72
The difference (after 4 years) £2,606.44 less debt
Many UK/EU students at Richmond University – study over 3.5 years, so the debt could be even lower

Terms and Conditions: 1.The SFE calculation does not include other scholarships from other Universities, however, Richmond University offers its scholarship on an annual basis. 2.The loan is charged at 6.1% per month from the start of your degree to the end on a monthly basis of the outstanding amount. 3.The final calculation is based on 48 months and 36 months comparison, it is acknowledged that Universities will vary with start and completion times.

Funding Your Undergraduate Studies UK and EU Nationals

The student finance information provided on this page is for UK and European Union nationals.  You can explore three source of funding for undergraduate study. You may be able combine your funding from a combination of sources.

  • Student Finance England Loans
  • Richmond Scholarships (Need and Merit Based)
  • Private Educational Loan (Future Finance)

We recommend that you explore your funding option as early as possible. The Student Finance Calculator will help you determine what funds for which you may be eligible.  Please see the tabs below for the various funding options.

Please contact us if you have any questions at

Which Office of Admissions do I contact?:

If you are currently living/studying in countries outside of the United States:

UK Office of Admissions
The American International University in London
Queens Road
Richmond upon Thames
TW10 6JP, United Kingdom

Email :
Tel : +44 (0)20 8332 9000

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If you are currently living/studying within the USA:

Office of Admissions for USA
The American International University in London
343 Congress Street
Suite 3100
Boston, MA 02210-1214 USA

Email :
Tel : +1 (617) 450-5617
Fax : +1 (617) 450 5601

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