How not to make Halloween cupcakes

Halloween is in a few days, and I decided to make Halloween cupcakes. Have I ever made cupcakes in my life? Yes. Have I ever made Halloween cupcakes? No, but how hard could it be? After consideration, I decided to make them and create a video of the process.

In Greece we don’t celebrate Halloween. Instead, we celebrate carnival, but that’s in February. Halloween is a strange holiday for us, and I thought of making something that relates to this celebration because of my studies in London and specifically in Richmond which is an American university. Although, I knew that there is no way I can find and carve a pumpkin right now.

While I was making the cupcakes there were some misunderstandings, mistakes and unexpected events, that disrupted the process and slow it down a little bit. I spent more than two hours making the cupcakes and even if they don’t look pretty, they were very tasty.

This video is showing you a way of NOT making Halloween cupcakes. If you are thinking of making cupcakes, you should better find a really good recipe and do  better research than I did!

If I had to say that I learned something from this experience, it is that you should not be afraid to try new things, even though you don’t know how things will end up.

I hope you guys enjoy my video.