How does it feel to see London from above?

Hello fellow students,

In my last post, I told you that I came back in London to take care of some business and spend some time there. Even though now I am back to Greece, I still remember all the nice memories I created, despite it being during lockdown.

A few days before my departure, I decided to visit Borough Market and have a coffee there. It wasn’t as sunny is it is now in London, but I wanted to see the city for the last time. Together with a friend, we walked around London Bridge and went all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral and back to Borough Market. The area was full of people who wanted to enjoy their coffee and food with friends, just like old times. Or at least feel like nothing has changed. We walked for hours, until the rain caught us.

A few days later, I visited the cable cars near the O2, near North Greenwich underground station. I was thinking about going in one of the cable cars, since the first time I noticed them, in 2019. Because it was close to my home, I postponed this all the time, but finally the time came, and I experienced something unique. I am mostly afraid of heights (of course I can get into an airplane, but I can’t stand for too long on a balcony and stare down), but I discovered that being inside a cable car was not as frightening as I thought. In fact, I realized that it is one of the things I am not too afraid of (I know it might sound odd).

I had the chance to see all East London from there. It was amazing. An incredible experience that I am urging you to try, either alone or with a friend or family member. I am glad I tried this experience and my goal for the next time I will be in London is to visit more places and have more amazing experiences.  For now, I will recall these memories while I am doing my assignments.

I hope you are all safe, healthy, and soon we will all be free again.

Eirini Pantelidou