Helping hand from Student Affairs

Self-isolating can feel tough at times, but our Student Affairs team at Richmond are pulling out all the stops to help students going through this process in January 2021.

For those residential students who need to quarantine when coming back to the UK, they are asked to arrive between 2 – 4 January, 2021, to allow for 14 days of isolation prior to the start of the term on Monday 18 January, 2021.

During the 14-day quarantine period, housing and meals are being offered free of charge to all residents.  In addition, students can receive daily food deliveries, and are being offered essential services like post/package deliveries, health and wellbeing support and access to all of the University’s remote services.  Residents, who are able to go outdoors within the walled campus, are housed in zones where they share a common space as well as toilets and showers. This allows residents the benefits of living with others as within a household (some social interaction to protect mental health and wellness), but mitigates the risk of living amongst a larger population.

During the Fall 2020 isolation period, almost 40 residents were quarantined and no cases of Covid-19 were reported.

For more information about quarantining and residential restrictions due to Covid-19, please contact the Student Affairs team at

See our website for the latest news on what’s happening at Richmond in response to Covid-19.