Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! I’m coming to the end of my time studying abroad at the University of North Florida as tomorrow is my last full day here. I fly Friday morning and I can’t wait to go home and see everyone again. My parents, sister and boyfriend will be picking me up from the airport which is exciting. But before I can pack up and leave, I have to finish my final exams.

Final exams have been so stressful everyone has practically been living at the library. Its so nice though because randomly different societies will come around giving out snacks. I’ve been given pizza from the President, bagels, fruit and a lot of Hershey bars; being true to England, I still think Cadburys tastes better. The worst of my finals is over, I handed in my photography final project and have done three exams, just one more to go! It’s my Legal Environment of Business class and I like the subject because its interesting… I also like the class because the teacher is so nice and has bought pizza for the whole class more than once!

Before finals started, there was one last big event called the Fall Escape. There was an escape room, laser tag, oxygen bars, food trucks and as always, free t-shirts. I’ve just started packing and I have no clue how I’m going to fit all the stuff I’ve collected in my suitcases! I’m flying home from Orlando airport so somehow this five foot girl has to attempt to get two suitcases from Orlando to Heathrow… I’ll let you know if I survive.

Thanksgiving break was quite boring because I was really focusing on studying. It was so weird walking around campus and no one being there it was like a ghost town. During the week I went to the cinema or movie theatre should I say, and the American experience is quite different to England. You get a HUGE bucket of popcorn and whenever you want you can go refill it. I had barely finished one, let alone more! At the end of the break I went to an Ariana Grande concert which was soooo good, I did have an exam the next morning, but I got 86% so clearly, I should go see Ariana Grande before all my exams.

It is so weird to think that I’ve spent four months at UNF, it’s the longest I’ve been away from home and its so different to England, I even saw an alligator in the lake last week! I’m so excited to get back and start getting ready for Christmas and then I’ll be at the Kensington campus in January.

Until next time,