Growing up

It has been a couple of weeks now since I have started working on my final project which is focusing on how advertising affects children playing with certain toys and how toys should be viewed as gender-neutral.  The deadline is 31 August.  At times, I have run into some difficulties such as understanding how to narrow down my research for my Background section. However, I made notes on this and underlined everything that I think is important and this has challenged me to think critically as a student. It has also been good to look over how past students have tackled this project and I am very glad that Richmond provides this as it truly lessens your anxiety and less like you are in the deep end of the ocean! My supervisor has been very supportive too and has been guiding me throughout with weekly tutorials.

I can’t believe we are in July now and it feels like the year has gone so quick which I know is what everyone says every year! This time two years ago in 2019, I was thinking about applying to Richmond and take that leap of faith to do a Masters and now it’s crazy to think I am nearly at the end! It is my birthday this month too and I am going to be 28 which is also a strange feeling as I almost leave my 20s behind me and feel like a full adult!

Thanks for reading! And good luck to all my fellow students doing their research projects this Summer!


Shivani Govindia