Got to go on holiday!

Hi everyone!

My classes are going well, I’ve now finished my Entrepreneurship and Business Development class and I was really happy to get an A- on my project. Last week I went on holiday to Turkey with my dad and sister and although the holiday was relaxing, the days leading up to it were quite stressful. The day before my flight my second essay for Entrepreneurship was due, as well as my Senior Project proposal. I only had four hours between submitting the essays and leaving for the airport! On the plus side, I’ve now finalised my dissertation title; I will be writing about marketing and the impact of loyalty schemes on consumer behaviour. I still have about a month before my first draft is due, but I’ve gotten a head start on writing as my Supervisor recommended starting early.

My holiday to Turkey was lovely, we stayed at the Hilton in Dalaman and the hotel had implemented a lot of distancing restrictions to help keep everyone safe. Coming home was a bit stressful as towards the end of the week Turkey was moved onto the self-isolation list. Usually we wouldn’t have minded, but my birthday is this weekend and my dad was running the (virtual) London marathon. Luckily, my dad was able to change our flight to a day earlier, so we landed the day before the quarantine rules started.

Originally, we had a lot of plans for my birthday, such as going to the Thorpe Park Halloween events, but now we’re leaning towards staying home as cases are rising again. This will save us from being out in the cold weather too; the dark and rainy season has definitely begun! When we landed from Turkey it was freezing, all I wanted to do was get back to the beach; but for now, I’m just staying home doing university work and spending time with my family.

In person classes start soon, I hope you’re all looking forward to them! I’m considering continuing to take my classes virtually as the commute from Essex to Richmond is quite long, but I may still be on campus sometimes as my library assistant shifts will be starting again soon.

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying October so far. Fall is usually my favourite time of year as everyone starts to get excited for Christmas, but things are definitely a bit different right now.


Until next time,