‘Good things come to those that wait!’

Hello to all new and continuing Richmond students! It’s been one long summer for me with writing my Professional Research Project for MA Advertising and PR and I am happy to say I got an A- in it, I was in shock for a while!

There were many days this summer where I had gone through different moods in one day such as getting excited to find more theoretical research on my topic to use but then feeling stressed when I knew I needed to complete each section in a timely manner. Luckily for me, I had much support from my family such as my sister, friends who kept cheering me on these bad days and my supervisor.

Dr Sam Brooker was very supportive with his advice on what to include in my written work and he is truly a great asset to the University in the advertising and PR courses.

In other good news, I have managed to secure an internship with a public relations agency which work with luxury brands. After many years of trying to get into this industry, I am so glad that I am now gaining this experience. I am working from home now which feels strange at times as this is the first time, I have a full-time job. It has been three weeks since I started, and I am learning a lot about luxury brands which I have not heard of, and I am glad I am getting out of my comfort zone and learn more about putting PR into practice after having much theoretical understanding on it in the MA.

Before I started the course, I was confused about what I wanted to do with my career because I am interested in many things. However, when I found this MA course, I knew I would start an exciting new journey and learn about a sector I did not know much about before. I am looking forward to continuing this new chapter and working as a professional for the first time!

FYI – This photo is me reliving one of my childhood dreams of being a spy (I am very glad I took another career path as I could not manage to handle all those spy gadgets and drive fast cars!)

Take care all xxxx