From Richmond With Love


Richmond’s very own ‘Bondologist’, Dr Martin D Brown, has revealed his verdict on the latest James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’, in an interview with South West Londoner.

Dr Brown, who is Associate Professor of International History at Richmond, has a strong interest in James Bond and the world around one of fiction’s most famous characters, and has used it to teach twentieth century international history for over 10 years.

After seeing ‘No Time to Die’, Dr Brown commented, “I liked it, I found it very enjoyable and I think it’s a very fitting conclusion to the Craig era.

“I enjoyed how self-referential it was to the earlier Bond franchises, with hints in music, images and references to storylines going all the way back to the books.

“As a ‘Bondologist’, which I might call myself, to be able to see and know these references is very enjoyable.”

Dr Brown is now redesigning the international history course to focus on fictionalised espionage on screen.

He said: “Espionage on film is something that most countries now have some version of. From Bollywood to China, they’ve all got their own sort of James Bond, whether that’s serious or humorous.”