Free on Thursday 9 May? Then come along to film screening which shows intimate and moving portrayal of women in Kampala slums


Positive Women: Heartache, Hope & Living with HIV

A short film documentary which puts a spotlight on the lives of six women in Kampala slums, made by Anne Lotter, Adjunct Professor at Richmond Business School, together with filmmaker Bex Devaraj, will be screened at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington on Thursday 9 May at 7.30pm.

Entitled ‘Positive Women, Heartache Hope and Living with HIV’, the short film explores the lives of six women in Kampala, Uganda, who share their stories of heartache, hope and living with HIV in a place where every day is a struggle for survival.

The film is an intimate and moving portrayal of the women, covering everything they experience, from polygamous marriage to being bewitched and dreams of driving a car. It explores how adverse outcomes of structural violence affect the women, including lack of access to medical care, education, continued extreme poverty and experiences of physical violence generated by poverty.

This documentary gives a voice to a community who’ve never had one. Anne hopes it will help move our understanding beyond an acceptance of oppressor vs. oppressed and look instead at the power dynamics in a system where men as a group dominate women as a group, both structurally and ideologically.

It is a free showing at 7.30 pm, please click on the link for Eventbrite to register your interest: