Former student at Richmond makes her poetical debut


Snezhina Gulubova, who graduated from Richmond in spring, 2004, with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Politics, has just had her first collection of poetry published.

‘Time Whispers’ is a collection of 34 contemporary poems embodying a journey across space, time, the human mind and emotions.  Encapsulating themes varying from family, loss and travel to politics, death and war, the collection is available on Amazon here.

Snezhina is an enthnomusicologist (looking at the cultural context of music) and percussionist specialising in Cuban music. She can be found on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

Her research focuses on the new social and cultural geographies of Havana and London, analysing the impact of private ownership of music venues, and increase in international cultural and music exchanges, on the music industry in Havana and the emergent London Cuban music scene. She investigates the image of, “The street” as the home of Cuban music and the reinvention of Cuba’s African cultural and musical heritage.