For the last time, – Zara x

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe I’ve been writing blog posts for 3 years and this is my last one; I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I was so happy with my final grades, I achieved A’s and an A- so overall I graduated with a First Class Honours! My family and I went to Richmond campus last month to take graduation photos and they’ve planned a graduation garden party which I’m really excited for too. It’s a nice way to finish this chapter as I can’t go to an official ceremony. A while ago the Student Government hosted a giveaway with amazing prizes. I’d told my whole family about the giveaway and as soon as Richmond started their live stream on Instagram, we all gathered round to watch. We couldn’t believe it when I won an iPad!

My time at Richmond has been great, I was able to experience both campuses whilst learning about the business industry. Although COVID cut my experience short, I still enjoyed my classes and studying at home. Working as a Student Ambassador, Content Creator and Library Assistant provided valuable skills, as well as my Marketing internship with Together TV. I also spent a semester at the University of North Florida so be sure to contact Student Affairs if you’re interested in extra curriculars.

In terms of the future, I’ve been working as a Social Media Assistant for a cosmetics brand but I’m so happy to announce that in two weeks I’ll be working as a TV Marketing Graduate for WarnerMedia! I’m so excited as WarnerMedia produces my favourite networks and shows such as Warner Brothers, NBA and CNN as well as Gossip Girl, Friends, Harry Potter.

I hope everyone graduating was happy with their grades and enjoyed the virtual ceremony, hopefully next year we can come back to London for an in-person ceremony. Thank you for keeping up with my university journey and daily life, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!


For the last time,

-Zara x