Finding some time to relax

Hi everyone,

After midterms I hope we can all relax a bit more during the break. I had two essays last week and two due this week, taking seven classes is a lot of work! I just got my grade back for my Consumer Behaviour essay and I got an A- which I was happy with. Next week, I’ll be presenting to my Human Resource Management class and that will finalise my midterm assignments.

I’m looking forward to when things are better but until then we’ve been re-doing our garden. Seeing as I don’t think I’ll be having an in-person ceremony, my family bought garden furniture and artificial grass ready for a graduation garden party. Whenever there’s a slither of sun I’ve been using our new sun loungers but its really not as good as lying on a beach! My dad virtually ran the London marathon about 5 months ago and he just received a Guinness World Record certificate for participating in the marathon with the most ever virtual runners. I’m still exercising a lot, but I don’t think I’ll be breaking any world records anytime soon.

I hope you didn’t find midterms too difficult and that you have some fun things planned for the break. Hopefully it won’t be much longer until things are more normal again; my parents have booked to have the vaccine this month, so everything is definitely improving! This is a photo from St James Park last Summer, hopefully I’ll get to visit London again soon.

Until next time,