Finally got to visit the Parks

Hi everyone! I think it’s safe to say that this is my favourite blog post yet! After midterms ended, I was pretty much just preparing for my boyfriend to come visit. He came for a week and we met in Orlando – I took the bus to Orlando and it was the LONGEST thing I’ve ever been through, more than five hours stuck on a bus. It did give me some time to watch Netflix and try and get ahead of my schoolwork; I have to admit I did miss a week of classes for this trip…it was so worth it.

My dad organised a villa for us in the Kissimmee area which is central to the theme parks which was great because we were Ubering everywhere. On our first day there we went to the premium outlets which had such good sales (best place to spend my wages from the call centre) and then we went on a helicopter ride over the theme parks. We saw the Universal parks, Sea World and two of the Disney parks. The next day we went to Universal Studios which was so much fun, and we were there for the Halloween horror night in the evening. That was the most scared I’ve ever been! The park completely changes from its child friendly atmosphere and becomes absolutely terrifying. Just picture me crying while being chased by a character from the Purge film holding a chainsaw. But I can say I survived going through all ten of the haunted houses which I am very proud about.

Islands of Adventure was so much fun the next day and especially good because we brought express passes, so we didn’t have to queue as much. The new Harry Potter ride was amazing! This was the only day it rained, and it was only for an hour, so we were really lucky with the weather. We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios after this and we managed to do all the rollercoasters. I had a Business Law test that evening which was so sad because I had to do a test in the middle of the Toy Story land. I was just lucky that the test was online, so I didn’t have to physically be in the classroom. I did well in the test and once I was finished, we ran to go on Tower of Terror for the third time.

We went to Magic Kingdom after this which was so pretty, and the fireworks were so so good. By this point we were both so tired that we decided to stay in Orlando the next few days. We had originally planned to go to Jacksonville to visit UNF. We went to a mall the next day and watched IT 2 at the cinema. The movie theatre is so different to England, you can have a full meal delivered to your seat during the film. But we decided to eat at the T-Rex café instead, it was very interesting trying to eat dinner and seeing a tyrannosaurus behind you!

Now that I’m back at UNF its all back to normal, just catching up with the work I missed this week and working at the call centre tomorrow. The next thing I’m looking forward to is seeing my family next weekend! My dad is running the New York marathon so my family will be in New York and I’m going to fly over to see them, I can’t wait!

Until next time,