Film industry events


We were delighted to welcome recently the specialist visual effects team from Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and Lucasfilm who shared invaluable advice, guidance and experience on developing careers in this amazing industry.

ILM and Lucasfilm are among the world’s leading entertainment service companies as pioneers in visual effects and sound across multiple mediums – and also home to the legendary Star Wars franchise and so many more sci-fi universes!

One of the prospective students who attended the event, Charlie, said:
‘I really enjoyed the Lucasfilm event specifically because it’s an industry that doesn’t really come up in the Film Studies major. The event itself had a good variety of elements of the various positions available and I had never used the zoom format we had but I thought the typed out questions worked well. It was nice to be able to ask questions without interrupting or worrying about disrupting the flow of whoever was speaking. This event felt a lot more like what Richmond promises to applicants than almost anything else I’ve seen offered since I’ve been a student. Overall a great experience.’

Dr Turner (convenor of Richmond’s new Science Fiction and Fantasy Film MA) said, “I’m really thrilled that we were able to organise this event with Lucasfilm. It wasn’t just highly relevant for our film-related BA and MA programmes, but goes across the liberal arts courses at Richmond, including those which involve animation and graphic design, as well as fashion, visual culture, business and marketing.”

Interested in finding out more?  Details will be posted here on any future Lucasfilm events.

Student and graduate opportunities with ILM and Lucasfilm are available through ‘The Jedi Academy’. For on-set Lucasfilm jobs, check out their website for more details.