Fantastic ‘Clubfest’ UNF style

Hey, so much has happened over the last two weeks! I’ve been doing a lot more exploring of Jacksonville like seeing the sights downtown, the beach and going to an outdoor cinema in a baseball arena. A girl who goes to UNF messaged me that she saw my last post and asked if I wanted to meet because she’s actually studying abroad at Richmond next term. We’ve already met for a starbucks and planning some day trips soon.

Last week I went to Clubfest which was really similar to Springfest at Richmond. UNF organized ‘mothertrucking’ food trucks, inflatables and live music. Victoria Secret Pink have partnerships with most US colleges and they host different events so luckily, I’ve managed to collect a LOT of Pink stuff. So far, I’ve been to picnics, food drives and a spin class with them. I was sooo sweaty and gross at the spin class and then the Pink representatives came up to me and ask if I can blow a kiss into the camera so they can film it for promotional material. I tried my best but I wouldn’t say it was Victoria Secret Angel material…

Last week I was in Copper Closet which is one of my favourite stores in the town center and after talking to one of the workers there, they suggested that I apply to become a brand ambassador of the store because I’m always shopping there. That same day I found out I was accepted into the Copper Closet Brand Ambassador Program! Its already going really well, it’s fun doing posts for them and I get a discount code to give out as well; ZaraS20 for 20% off 😊

I got another job as a student caller working at a Public Opinion Research Lab. Different companies subcontract us to ask surveys to people. It can get repetitive but it pays well and while I’m phoning people I can colour/draw. A few days ago, I phoned a man when he was about to get married, I could literally hear the wedding music but for some reason he really wanted to finish my survey. He was asking me how to tie a bow tie and whether I thought marrying someone after two months was too soon. I could even hear his mum and brother yelling at him to get off the phone. Then I had to console him while he cried to me that his bride to be had left him at the altar and didn’t come to the wedding…that was definitely my most entertaining shift.

It’s still so much fun here at UNF because there’s always different events being held. There’s a zipline that goes over the lake and for free we can rent surfboards and kayaks from UNF eco-adventures. We did that when I went to the beach but I had zero balance and fell in the water straight away. For my photography class I had to buy a new camera so I got a really nice Canon one and it takes amazing photos. The only bad thing that’s happened to me while I’ve been here is that my Mac laptop stopped turning on for no reason and Apple said there’s nothing they can do so I have to buy a new one. On the upside my 21st birthday is in two weeks and my boyfriend who goes to Richmond just booked his flights to come visit me here in October. So many exciting things to come!

Until next time,

Zara x