Shuna Neilson

Associate Professor of English for Academic Purposes

Ms Shuna Neilson

Ms Shuna Neilson

Shuna Neilson has an MA in Applied Linguistics, Socio-cultural Approaches (Univ. of London), and an RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Adults (Dip.TEFLA).
Her first degree was a joint MA(Hons) in Italian and German, with subsidiary Russian (Univ. of Aberdeen). Her studies included a year at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, studying German, Italian, Russian and Japanese, and six months in Siena, studying Italian.
She has lived and taught English in Italy, Japan, Turkey, and Russia at language school and university level, and was head of the English Department at Yeni Ufuklar, a school for gifted children in Istanbul. She has also taught Italian and German language and translation.
She first worked for Richmond University in Moscow in the summer of 1998, teaching Business English at Moscow Modern University.She was then asked to run the Richmond English Language Institute, subsequently restructured into the Academic English Program in Fall 2000. The Program was awarded British Council Accreditation in 2001 and re-accredited in 2006.

She is now Coordinator of Academic Literacies/English for Academic Purposes (EAP). She also teaches on the core courses in the Academic Literacies Programme.
When not working, she enjoys exploring her surroundings on foot, by bike and by canoe, and has a keen amateur interest in many subjects including the arts, aikido and natural history.

Faculty Research


  • Neilson, S. “Feeling at home in LICOM” European Association for International Education (EAIE) Forum Conference Report, Spring : 28-29. Spring 2000.
  • Neilson, S. “Gaijin – The Foreigner in Japan” Bulletin of Holy Spirit Women’s Junior College No. 21 : 95-114. 1993.
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  • Neilson, S. “Living in Different Cultures” Bulletin No.19 : 94-105. 1991.

Conferences and Presentations

  • “Unity in Diversity: – introducing a broad range of students to the requirements of university writing.”  InForm Conference, University of Birmingham, 2018.
  • “Process and results of ALP Review” at Academic writing – joining in the conversation, Centre for Learning and Teaching, RAIUL, 2017.
  • “Acculturation as a way of facilitating attainment for all within an increasingly diverse HE.” Interactive workshop, HEA Arts and Humanities annual Conference: Inspire- sharing great practice in Arts and Humanities teaching and learning, Brighton, with Lund, S. and Healey, C., 2016.
  • “Beyond EAP- towards Intercultural conversation.” Symposium, BALEAP bi-annual Conference April, with Lund, S. and Healey, C., 2015.
  • “They never do the reading!’ Practices to Foster a Reading Culture Among Richmond Students.” RAIUL Pedagogies Conference, with Hathaway, J. 2010.
  • “Language and Power: Linguistic Imperialism Revisited.” British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP) Annual Conference, University of Durham, with Hathaway, J. 2007
  • “Whose Space is it?” Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics (CELTEAL) International Conference on Interrogating Third Spaces in Language Teaching, Learning and Use, University of Leicester, with Hathaway, J. 2005
  • “Who Owns the Space?” BALEAP Professional Issues Meeting on Intercultural Communication, University of the West of England, Bristol, with Hathaway, J. 2005
  • “Intercultural Communication: Japan and the West,” Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT), Akita City, Japan 1992
  • “Intercultural Communication: Japan and the West,” Akita Prefecture Further Education for Women, Akita City, Japan 1992. Talk given in Japanese. 1992

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I teach on:
Academic Literacies Programme (ALP) in the School of Liberal Arts

Some of the courses I teach:

GEP 4180 – Research & Writing II
GEP 3180 – Research & Writing I
EAP 3270 – Fundamentals of Research & Writing
EAP 3275 – Fundamentals of Academic Language and Oracy

Research Interest & Expertise:
Language(s), language and power, intercultural communication, and learning across cultures.
Member of the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP)