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Freshman in London

Who is it for?

The Freshman in London is designed for anyone who is considering a university education in the American liberal arts tradition, but who is not yet ready to commit to enrolling for a full undergraduate programme at Richmond in London, or who already has future plans to study in the United States.
For example, the Freshman in London could be the right choice if:

  • you are not yet sure that you want to enrol for a full degree programme, but would like to study in London for a year to get some University credit while keeping your options open longer-term; or
  • you come from the UK, Europe or anywhere  outside of the US and can appreciate the value of gaining University credit in the US system while studying in London for a year and then applying to study in the US as a transfer student; or
  • you are wait-listed or just looking for a alternative academic experience before taking up your existing university place later in the year (you may come for a single semester); or
  • you’re from the US or elsewhere and have  missed out on a place at your chosen University or College in the United States.  You want to reapply, but this time as a transfer student having already gained University credit through study in London for a year.

Looking for other pathways towards Studying in America? You can find out more about our other programmes such as studying at Dickinson College and University Prep, here.

How does it work?

  1. Only direct applications to the University are considered for this programme. Visit our website here for more information on how to apply.
  2. You may choose to study towards any of our listed majors or you may decide not to declare a major.
  3. Entry requirements are the same for all undergraduate programmes.
  4. Students on the Freshman Year will normally study over two semesters (autumn and spring) plus the summer semester as an option and where successful will typically gain 30 US credits.

Once the Freshman in London is completed, what next?

  1. Complete your degree at Richmond. Subject to grades, students who have successfully completed the Freshman in London may then apply to progress to a Richmond undergraduate programme in London to gain their degree typically with another six semesters of study. Students holding A levels, IB, Abitur, APT or some other advanced entry qualifications may be given credit for these and complete in less time.
  2. Transfer to the US. Apply to transfer to another university or college in the US system, although the outcome of such an application and fees payable will be entirely at the discretion of the university or college applied to and Richmond cannot guarantee any transfer.
  3. Alternatively, students are able to choose to end their studies after the Freshman in London and pursue other opportunities.

Important Information to Remember

The Freshman in London is aimed at students looking to study towards a US degree and, with the exception of Richmond itself, it is unlikely that other UK universities will give credit for the Freshman in London year, although some may accept it at their discretion for entry to the beginning of their programme.
Whilst at Richmond, students on the Freshman in London pay the same tuition and housing fees per semester as our undergraduate students.  However, prospective students for the UK or EU should note that, unlike most of our undergraduate programmes, Student Finance England loans and grants are not available for the Freshman in London.  Where applicable, prospective students from other countries should check first that their intended source of student financial support will cover the Freshman in London, before applying.

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Tuition Fees: 2016/17 for 2 semesters, 1 semester 50% pro rata. University accommodation from £4050 per semester.





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