Dr Jane Norris

Dr Jane Norris

Associate Professor Creative and Digital Culture

Some of the courses I teach:

GEP 3160 Creative Expression
GEP 3100 Transitions 1
GEP 3101 Transitions2
XXX 6972 Internship Supervision
DGT 4100 Coding, Content & Context1

Research Interest & Expertise:

Design fiction short stories
Para-fictional public projects
Sonic design fiction workshops
Aerial viewpoints
Crumpled time
Object emergence


Dr Jane Norris has a cross disciplinary background in Speculative Material Design, Critical Writing and Digital Media. Before joining Richmond University, she structured and led a BA Hons in 3D Design Craft for ten years, teaching material engagement and design theory. She has recently undertaken post-doctoral research in the Critical Writing department at the RCA. She gained her PhD: Viatopias – exploring the digital language of urban travel spaces. at Chelsea College of Art. UAL.

I am currently assembling research for a book: Listening to Materialsde-colonializing our relationship with matter. This work investigates the impact of digital theories of crumpled time, aerial viewpoints, posthuman audio and de-colonial making on our material use. My writing employs outside-enlightenment tactics such as material fiction short stories, para-fictional public projects and sonic design fiction workshops. These are published in near future fiction anthologies, magazine articles, academic papers in journals, and essays in books.

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  • ‘Beautiful Mirror-Being’, ‘#warbubble’ and ‘A letter from Celia’ three design fiction stories in Virtual Futures Vol 5 an anthology of near future fiction. 2018
  • ‘The Dept. of RE-Pairing’ design fiction story in Virtual Futures Vol 1 an anthology of near future fiction. 2017
  • ‘RE-Pairing’ article in ARC 21 RE- Issue RCA publication 2017
  • ‘What Crumpling a Polychronic Materials Map Can Reveal’ in Design Issues Volume
  • 33, Number 3. 2017
  • ‘Touching Knowledge’ in Meet me in The Present – essay in collaborative RCA book. 2017
  • ‘A-Z of Craft’ column in Crafts Council magazine CRAFTS. 2016
  • ‘A View from the Throne’ – essay in Toilet edition of Dirty Furniture. 2016
  • ‘Designed to Perform’ – Opinion piece in the 4th edition design magazine Fiera 2015
  • ‘What is an Authentic Object’ – Opinion piece in the 3rd edition of Fiera 2015
  • ‘A Call to Design by Mapping’ – Opinion piece in the 2nd edition of Fiera 2015
  • ‘Making Polychronic Objects’ – Opinion piece in the 1st edition of Fiera 2014
  • ‘Polychronic Objects Map’ – text and images in a map format at designjunction 2014
  • ‘Making Students Who Make’ – paper in Havering College Research Journal 2013. Issue1
  • ‘Viatopias’ Research@Chelsea 2003 issue 4 (p24 – 30) ISSN 1740-9241
  • Keynote Speaker – ‘Para-fictional Material Design’ Edinburgh College of Art Links – Design Fiction 2017 Symposium
  • Chaired Craft Re-Defined Panel for 2017 London Craft Week at Fritz Hansen showroom
  • Research Through Design 2017 conference: member of the Artefact and Museum Panel National Museum of Scotland
  • Listening to Materials – Performance presentation and workshop at Research Through Design 2019 conference Science Centre Delft, Nederlands
  • Conversations with Materials – Performance presentation and workshop at Design Research Conference 2018 Limerick University Eire
  • Polychronic Spoon Stories – Material Narrative in multi-temporal designing. Research Trough Design conference 2017 National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Polychronic Object Making for a Polychronic Society Design Research Society conference 2016 Brighton UK
  • Subject Specialism v The Liberal Arts GLAD conference 2016 Birmingham Bullring Centre
  • Why Make Polychronic Objects? Making Futures conference 2015 Conference Plymouth College of Art
  • Making Polychronic Objects Research Trough Design conference 2015 Microsoft Centre Cambridge
  • Folded Digital Travel Space MeCCSA post Grad 2008 Conference Sussex University
  • Co-organised PhD ‘Biblio’ Research conference 2006 at Chelsea College of Art UAL