Dr Dina Awad

Dr Dina Awad

Associate Professor

BSc, MSc, PhD, FImanfUK, F SmeIR

Some of the courses I teach:

CSD GEP 3180 – Research and Writing I
CSD GEP 4180 – Research and Writing II

Dr Awad is an Associate Professor of Research and Academic Writing in the School of Liberal Arts at the American University in Richmond. She holds a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics (Kings College London) and a PhD in Applied Linguistics (Lancaster). She is also fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dina is an experienced academic who has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students in The UAE University, The University of Leicester and St. Mary’s University, London. Her research interests include second language acquisition, ELT methodology, test design as well as teacher education and development.

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